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Created in 1983, APL is the leading consulting and engineering firm specialized in the design and construction of data centers.
Our services are structured around four activities: data center consulting and engineering, IT consulting and engineering, maintenance and operations, sustainable IT.

IT rooms: development, renovation, renewal or outsourcing?

A growing business, new technologies, improved state of the art, or just aging infrastructures: there are many reasons why companies may be obliged to consider the question of the future of their IT rooms. What scenarios should be envisaged? How should the priorities be determined? Using which assessment criteria?

Assessing server rooms: many criteria must be objectified

Despite the fact that future needs may be planned for at design stage, it can be the case that, after some time has elapsed, an IT room may no longer be able to meet its users’ requirements. The increasing pace of digital transformation over recent years, which has led to changes in usage and changed requirements, combined with technological and hardware developments, are factors which are tending to accelerate this kind of mismatch.

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