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As an expert in data center and IT hosting, APL helps you guarantee the continuity of service of your IT production.
Our expert engineers work on your data centers undertaking audits, consultancy missions, assistance to the contracting authority, project management and transfer of skills, or complete your turnkey projects.

Data center operation: four pitfalls to avoid

The investments required for the construction or renovation of a data center are very substantial. IT production service continuity depends on this asset, meaning that disciplined, industrial operation must be implemented to make it sustainable and profitable. However, it is often observed that the resources and efforts made with respect to the operation of data centers remain insufficient. Four pitfalls to avoid.

A team reduced to its simplest expression

Whether for real estate or technical installations (electricity, cooling, security), companies invest heavily in the construction or renovation of their data centers. By contrast, they frequently underestimate the resources required for efficient operation, in particular with regard to the human dimension.

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