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As an expert in data center and IT hosting, APL helps you guarantee the continuity of service of your IT production.
Our expert engineers work on your data centers undertaking audits, consultancy missions, assistance to the contracting authority, project management and transfer of skills, or complete your turnkey projects.

Data center restructuring: a proactive customization project

Quality service, energy consumption, operating costs... optimising IT room layouts is a truly multidisciplinary art form, especially when it comes to densification and our exponentially growing needs. To achieve the best possible returns in the long run, it also becomes a question of anticipating our future needs, both in terms of technology and business.

Data center restructuring: the art of covering every base

In a very short space of time, data centers have seen exceptional densification thanks to increasingly efficient IT infrastructure. Today, just six bays can provide the same capacity as an entire 400m² IT room would have ten years ago! At the same time, IDC forecasts that the ‘global datasphere’ will reach 163 zettabytes (163 thousand billion gigabytes) by 2025, that’s ten times more than 2016 and its 16.1 ZB.

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