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Our expert engineers work on your data centers undertaking audits, consultancy missions, assistance to the contracting authority, project management and transfer of skills, or complete your turnkey projects.

Increasing server room temperature to improve data center energy performance

The temperature is still kept too low in the vast majority of data centers. However, according to current standards, it could be increased by a few degrees to save energy in computer rooms, increase cooling capacity without any extra investment, but not compromise IT service continuity.

Data centre temperature: the guidelines have evolved

Cooling systems, essential for keeping servers in optimal operating condition, on average account for 30 to 50% of data center energy expenditure. For a long time, server room operators generally kept their facilities at an ambient temperature of around 22°C, leading to air conditioning unit outlet temperatures of 15 to 16°C. In this scenario, lots of power was required for cooling, resulting in large energy bills.

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