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Hybrid Cloud implementation consulting

You are in the process of deploying a hybrid cloud to combine the benefits of the public cloud (agility and cost) and the private cloud (security and service quality)?
APL guides you through, from the assessment of your needs to the effective implementation of your hybrid infrastructure.

APL engineers offer you their proven methodology for managing your hybrid cloud implementation projects:

  • Assessment and overview of your needs
  • Mapping of applications and data based on their sensitivity and portability to the cloud
  • Drawing up of technical specifications
  • Investigation and benchmarking of offers available on the market that are able to meet your needs
  • Recommendation of multiple distribution scenarios between in-house resources (data center or private cloud) and external resources (public cloud), and comparison of service-related, technical and financial aspects
  • Negotiation of hosting contracts with cloud service providers
  • Management of the deployment of your cloud infrastructure and relocation (or transformation), with a commitment to meet the implementation deadlines set

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