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Reducing data center operating costs and risks

The sites hosting your information system or those of your clients are critical for your activity.
Whether your data center is in-house or outsourced, APL helps you to control that the operation of your computer rooms is carried out in the rules of the art to guarantee their continuity of service.

We assist you from the auditing of your installations and procedures up to the training of the teams in charge of the operation:

  • Auditing of your installations and operating procedures
  • Auditing of established contracts with your various service providers and testing of their operations (preventive maintenance, moving of equipment, fault management, etc.)
  • Identification of risks in different areas: safety, service continuity, restarting after a fault, maintenance operations
  • Development of operating guides to standardize practices, provide accurate operating procedures and limit the risks of faults or service downtime
  • Testing of your business continuity plans (BCP) and fault recovery plans (FRP)
  • Implementation of management dashboards: KPI, SLA, temperature readings, energy consumption, etc.
  • Definition of action plans to reduce costs and risks: outsourcing of hosting, works, planning, replacement of equipment, etc.
  • Training of in-house teams and multi-technical service providers in operational best practice

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