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Our certifications

Data centers are essential assets in digital technology, which can no longer ignore its environmental impact. In order to enable sustainable digital growth, we are committed to designing data centers that combine very high levels of energy and environmental performance, without sacrificing high availability and security requirements.

ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications

APL is ISO 9001 certified for quality management and ISO 14001 certified for environmental performance management.

The implementation of these management systems pursues the following objectives:

  • Guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and the quality of our services
  • Develop and structure our activities to support our strong growth
  • Strengthen employee engagement
  • Reduce the environmental impact of our clients’ data centers and our activities
  • Be an eco-innovation player on our market with a sustained R&D policy

Reconcile high availability, security and environmental performance

APL has been awarded Accredited Tier Designer by Uptime Institute, proof of our expertise in designing data centers with very high levels of service continuity and security.

We have been actively involved in producing the European Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers, a code of conduct which was initiated the European Commission to support best practice in the field of data center energy efficiency.

We invest 4% of our turnover in R&D on projects that make it possible to reconcile digital transition and ecological transition.

Our ongoing drive to improve our CSR performance has enabled us to obtain an EcoVadis silver medal in 2023, a platform for analyzing Corporate Social Responsibility, with a score of 68/100. In the architecture and engineering sector, APL is among the top 7% of best performing companies.

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