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Development of your data center into a higher Tier

Does your activity require your data center to offer a higher level of availability?
As an Uptime Institute-certified Tier Designer since 2014, APL assists you in developing your data centers to meet the service levels required by your activity.

Development of your data center into a higher Tier

  • Auditing of your installations: electrical power supply (normal and emergency electrical power supply systems), cold production systems, electrical and cooling distribution systems, etc.
  • Definition and budgeting of equipment to be replaced or installed in order to attain the required Tier
  • Scheduling and management of works and new equipment installation
  • Testing and acceptance

Once the works of your data center have been completed, our teams support you with implementing the best practices for operation, in order to maintain the service levels required by your activity:

  • Definition of maintenance protocols and preventive and curative maintenance
  • Transfer of knowledge to your teams for implementing the most efficient industrial processes for operation
  • Establishment of steering indicators
  • Effective verification of correct redundancy operation
  • Regular operation audits

Intervention methods

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