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Training in data center best operating practices

The purpose of our training courses, which are given by operational consultants on a daily basis in our clients' premises, is to help you improve the operation of your data center.

Data center trainings tailored to your needs

The content of our training courses is customizable according to the specificities of your IT rooms, profiles and levels of knowledge of your operating teams.

  • IT departments and teams in charge of IT production
  • Teams in charge of the technical management of the data center
  • Data center architects and planners
  • Computer room operators

Our best practices teaching approach is directly applicable by your teams.

APL data center training services goals

  • Guarantee continuity and quality of service of your IT production
  • Reduce operational risks and costs
  • Use your cooling systems to best effect, by understanding and acquiring best integration practices
  • Control the technical environment and the IT and network equipment hosted in it
  • Better coordinate and guide your service-providers: maintenance, host
  • Reduce your data centers’ energy consumption
  • Harmonize the languages and practices of the various agents

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