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Upgrading and planning of your data center

Does your data center no longer meet your requirements in terms of availability and energy efficiency?
Our engineers support you through all stages of your IT room upgrade and energy efficiency optimization projects.

They offer an end-to-end support:

  • Auditing of your data center: planning of the IT room and diagnostics of the IT equipment, electrical equipment, cooling equipment and air flow systems, etc.
  • Definition of the required security, continuity of service and energy efficiency (PUE) levels
  • Recommended replacement of equipment with quick ROI and re-planning of the IT room
  • Simulation of air flows and containment options for cold-air and warm-air zones
  • Simulation of electricity consumption according to the IT load level per m²
  • Scheduling and budgeting for developments to be completed for upgrading in line with best practice
  • Management of works without interruption of IT services
  • Definition of KPIs for monitoring service and energy efficiency levels
  • Training and operating guides for state-of-the-art data center operation

Our operations are performed without interrupting IT production and without disrupting other activities hosted in the same buildings as your data canter.

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