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Modular turnkey data center

Modular data center, concrete build or container type?
We will assist you in determining the type of design suited to your requirements and operational, security, density, service quality and energy efficiency stipulations. We will then support you throughout the construction or deployment of your modular data center.

Concrete build modular data center

This type of data center is designed to be equipped progressively and in an independent manner in accordance with the change in requirements and load factor. It is particularly efficient in terms of energy consumption and has a pre-defined redundancy level or one that changes according to requirements.

Prefabricated modular data center

Of the container type or comprising a partition wall assembly, this data center is ready-to-use: it can be deployed very quickly and is particularly well-suited to temporary use: offset of IT equipment during works on the site, absorption of power surges, clipping of activity or even quick go-to-market.

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