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Data center auditing, consultancy and expert advice

Each IT hosting site has a specific purpose. And each company has different goals, which change over time.
APL helps you assess your data center in light of your short-, medium- and long-term requirements, and deploy a roadmap, so that your data center matches your requirements and goals.

Expert advice whatever your issues:

  • Identification of the cause of malfunctions or service outages
  • Maintenance or improvement of continuity of service and of security
  • Assessment of redundancies, availability and reliability of the installations
  • Suitability of the installations and infrastructures for future requirements: capacity, service levels, security, etc.
  • Integration of your rooms in light of changing IT requirements
  • Budgeting and sequencing of the investments to be made to upgrade your data center
  • Analysis of operating and maintenance procedures and protocol
  • Control and reduction of energy costs
  • Definition and establishment of steering indicators (KPI)

Our recommendations are accompanied with a comparative analysis and costing of the various conceivable solutions, with a simulation of potential gains and return on investment (ROI).

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Auditing & Consulting

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