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Design and building of a new data center

Do you have a construction project for a new hosting site for your IT production or for that of your clients?
APL benefits of renowned knowledge in designing and building scalable data center, with guaranteed continuity of service and integration of innovative solutions.

We support you through each stage of your project:

  • Detailed expression of requirements: intended use of data center and specifications of hosted equipment (hyper-converged racks, conventional storage areas, dedicated space for your internal or external clients, etc.), type of operation, sizing, required levels of service and energy efficiency, regulatory, environmental and architectural restrictions, etc.
  • Data center collaborative design and 3D digital modeling (Building Information Modeling, BIM)
  • Comparative study of feasible technical solutions: cooling (free cooling, free chilling, etc.), HQ energy, recycling of unavoidable heat, etc.
  • Pre-project drafts, specifications
  • Selection, consultation and coordination of the various professional bodies
  • Construction scheduling and project management
  • Testing and acceptance of works
  • Operation and team training guides

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