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Relocating and migrating your data center

Is your hosting solution out of step with your strategic IT plan? Have you initiated a project to streamline or consolidate your data centers? Do you need to abandon your data centre and migrate your IT infrastructure?
APL provides comprehensive assistance throughout the process of relocating your computer rooms, from choosing and preparing your new data centre (internal or hosted) to coordinating migration operations.

Our relocation experts adapt to your operational requirements and enable you to mitigate the risks inherent to such a complex project:

  • Assistance with selecting a new hosting solution
  • Auditing and IT inventories
  • Devising the relocation strategy
  • Managing and coordinating the migration project
  • Data center re-organisation studies, phase planning, budgeting, risk assessment
  • Coordinating external contractors: third-party maintenance workers, movers, etc.
  • Assistance with converting and preparing the data center, IT rooms and telecom links
  • Managing and coordinating the migration

Data center migration: no room for improvising

Data center migration requires careful preparation, at both organizational and technical levels, in order to limit or even avoid service interruptions. From shaping the migration masterplan to relaunching the servers, what steps need to be followed?

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