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3D Hosting by APL: your data center infrastructures “as a service”

Your modern, owner-managed data center, matching your requirements, and upgradable.
With 3D Hosting by APL our range of services allying provision of infrastructures with associated services, your data center is constantly adjusted to your IT service continuity requirements, your capacity requirements and the hosted technologies. You pay only for the deployed infrastructures and the services used, in the form of a fee.

Our Data Center as a Service offer includes:

  • Analysis and budgeting of the upgrades and installations which must be made within your data center
  • Renovation and/or updating of your IT rooms
  • Adaptation of your infrastructures and replacement of equipment to match your requirements (capacity, availability, redundancy, security, etc.)
  • Operational supervision services, maintenance services and on-site actions
  • Upgrading of your IT production tool as and when your requirements change (capacity, availability, etc.), or as your clients’ requirements change
  • Strong commitments regarding continuity of service

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