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Why join us?

With hundreds of projects completed since 1983, APL is the leading consulting and engineering firm specialising in the design and construction of data centers in France. Our services are structured around four activities: data center consulting and engineering, IT consulting and engineering, maintenance and operations, and sustainable IT.

Ours values

  • Commitment: we cultivate a sense of commitment and responsibility. Our employees have a great deal of autonomy in the management of their projects and missions.
  • Curiosity: in addition to their initial training and mastery of market technologies, our engineers are constantly looking for innovations that will help to advance the state of the art.
  • Mobility: our projects and missions concern the whole of France and abroad (Europe, Africa).
  • Integrity: as an independent player, we strive to recommend solutions to our clients in complete objectivity, 100% adapted to their needs.

Qualities you should have to join us

As we grow we are regularly seeking new talents.
Training and experience appropriate for the position to be filled are essential.
Knowledge of English, love of a challenge, humility, team spirit, a sense of independence, curiosity, willingness to learn, a sense of customer service, flexibility, writing skills, good summarizing skills and adaptability will be the qualities you should have in order to join us.


Due to our strong development, we are regularly looking for new talent. Feel free to send us your CV and cover letter to rh@apl-france.fr

Our mission: Organic Design

Creating data centers that have a symbiotic relationship with their environment.

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