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Defining an internal and/or external hosting strategy for your IT production

Internal hosting? External? Cloud-based? Hybrid? Which is the best option for hosting your IT production?
Our expert consultants assist you in establishing a hosting strategy suited to your current and future technical, economic, organizational and strategic challenges.

They provide you with support in defining and implementing the target solution that is suited to your requirements:

  • Internal, part-external or completely external
  • Partial or total migration to the Cloud
  • Planning, updating your data center
  • Reconversion of tertiary or existing production premises
  • Construction of a new, custom data center
  • Installation of a modular or container data center
  • Renovation of your data center and outsourcing of its operation (link to 3D Hosting)

Each proposed solution is researched in accordance with a criteria grid intended to provide you with the correct mid-term and long-term decision:

  • Overview of your infrastructures
  • Technical and environmental risk analyses
  • Continuity of service, physical security, data integrity and operational requirements
  • Development of your IT architecture
  • Technical and economical comparison of solutions
  • Financial simulation over 5, 10 and 15 years

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