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Optimization of data centers and IT rooms

The increasing criticality of IT production means that it is necessary to optimize your data center regularly.
Using our multidisciplinary teams, we help you to guarantee service levels, security and energy efficiency in accordance with your strategic and operational requirements. As well as keeping your data centers at the state of the art.

Our expert engineers assist you in optimizing your IT rooms:

  • Building inspection report, report on technical installations and mapping of facilities (technical and IT)
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses in light of your requirements (capacity, availability, security, energy efficiency, etc.) and best practices
  • Comparative analyses of possible solutions
  • Roadmap and budgeting of planned upgrades
  • Delivery of requisite upgrades and optimizations: replacement of facilities, installation of redundancies, contract work, integration of rooms, securing of entrances, etc.
  • Analysis and industrialization of operating processes and protocols
  • Establishment of steering indicators for continuous optimization: failure rate, incident correction times, SLA, electrical power costs, etc.
  • Reduction of electrical costs and optimization of the PUE

With 3D Hosting, APL lets you finance and smooth the investments which must be made to optimize your data center, whilst using best operating practices.

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