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APL and Atos holds the UGAP market: audits, studies and optimization of data centers

APL and Atos's data center audit, study and optimization services are integrated in the french public purchasing UGAP’s catalog. As holders of the contract for "data center services", APL and Atos bring their know-how and expertise to UGAP customers to meet their data center evolution and adaptation needs at every stage of their life cycle, with an emphasis on reducing the digital sector's environmental impact.

This UGAP contract covers auditing services, studies and assistance with the optimization of the technical, energy and environmental performance of the data centers.

The public procurement agency, APL and Atos help the beneficiaries to express their requirements and then offer them the services best suited to their needs from among the contract’s 35 fixed price work units.

Some examples of the available services:

Inventories and technical audits of data centers

  • The auditing of reliability, capacity and security
  • Service continuity and operational risk audits
  • Audits of the data centers’ technical performance
  • IT and network equipment inventory
  • Support with the rationalization and pooling of data centers
  • Support with the organization of computer rooms

The energy and environmental performance of data centers

  • Energy performance audits
  • Greenhouse gas emission summary
  • Support with the introduction of an energy improvement initiative
  • Free cooling or geocooling feasibility study
  • Support with certification and quality labeling
  • Reduction in energy consumption

Data center operation

  • Operations auditing
  • Assistance with the operation of the data center
  • Training in good operational practices (energy optimization, organization of the data centers, etc.)


  • Hosting / geographical location study,
  • Support with data center rationalization and pooling
  • Support with the implementation of a data center relocation project
  • Support with the creation of a new room

Ministries, public bodies, health establishments, local authorities, private companies performing public service activities or private businesses operating under “public-private partnership” (PPP) agreements can access the services with no requirement to go out to tender.

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