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Utility cabling and electrical power supply for your data centers

Do you have a cabling project for your server rooms, data centers or IT rooms?
Familiar with operations in sensitive environments, the APL teams research, design, install and verify complete, reliable and efficient VDI and electrical cabling installations.

Our offer for the network and electrical cabling of your datacenter:

  • Drafting of high-voltage and low-voltage wiring diagrams and distribution
  • Design and installation of electrical distribution systems with or without redundancy (energy sources, transformers, UPC, batteries, generating sets, etc.)
  • Pre-wiring of the electrical cabling and low-voltage networks (UTP, FTP, SFTP, fiber optic, etc.)
  • Restructuring of patch bays distribution
  • Installation of patch bays, overhead and server cabinets and low-voltage master board
  • Installation of new operator links
  • Auditing of of high-voltage and low-voltage installations
  • Copper and optic distribution of a building network equipment
  • Formalization of technical specifications
  • Copper certification and optical reflectometry testing and validation operations

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