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Data center training: industrialize and optimize IT rooms operations

Practical training in the operation of your data centers and IT rooms.
Provided by our expert engineers, APL training courses provide the benefit of experience from hundreds of customer projects, nearly 40 years of feedback and transfer of knowledge from operating teams.

Public: different stakeholders in charge of data centers

  • DSI, IT production and IT infrastructure management
  • Data center technical management directors
  • IT room planners
  • IT room operatives

APL training course objectives

  • To contribute to the improved service continuity of your data center
  • To master best practice, naming conventions and processes
  • To improve communication between the various stakeholders in charge of the data center
  • To increase the efficiency of daily operation and maintenance of your data center
  • To become an authority of expertise for service providers
  • To manage your subcontractors, investments and budgets more efficiently through the implementation of KPIs
  • To attenuate risk, by formalizing fault operational management procedures
  • To industrialize operating modes to ensure the reliability of and full control over operations

The benefits of APL training

  • Objectivity and neutrality
  • Adapted to the profiles and levels of knowledge
  • Training that can be applied directly, practical workshops
  • Qualification of learning at the end of the training course
  • Personalized deliverables

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