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Assistance with management of hosting contracts

Are you looking for support by an expert in coordinating and managing your hosting contracts?
Using its expertise in hosting strategy consultancy and in data center operation, APL can become your adviser and sole point of contact with your host.

Our engineers help you to implement your hosting contract and manage it efficiently:

  • Assistance with establishment of your hosting: IT inventories, definition of target integration, risk management, planning and relocation, etc.
  • Coordination sessions and meetings with your host and with your in-house teams within the DSI
  • Regular audits of the host’s installations and processes
  • Establishment of quality of service steering indicators (KPI): failure rates, availability rates, quality of service, etc.
  • Monitoring of contractual terms compliance
  • Monitoring of billing
  • Benchmarking of the annual contract costs by comparison with the market
  • Contract renegotiation if requirements change (allocated floor area, electrical power, SLA, etc.) or if contractual undertakings are not met

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