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IT room and data center cooling and air conditioning

Air or water cooling? Linked to iced water production or dual-fluid? Pulse back blowing inside the false floor air gap or on the high-density racks?

Our engineers recommend for you cooling solutions suited to your objectives and your situation (external temperature, degree of humidity, ambient air quality or quality of nearby water, etc.):

  • Air conditioning units installed in the IT rooms or in the technical facilities
  • Iced water production units
  • Free cooling (direct, indirect, water-cooled, etc.)
  • Free chilling
  • Condenser
  • Dry cooler

We provide you with risk-free temperature conditions for your IT equipment, while being mindful of the energy efficiency of your data center and your PUE. Wherever possible, we pair the air conditioning systems in your IT rooms and technical facilities with sustainable energy power supply systems and/or heat recovery systems.

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