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Key executives

robert bouchard apl datacenter

Robert Bouchard, Chairman
Chairman of APL France since 2010, Robert Bouchard participates in the definition of the company’s strategic orientations and their operational implementations. He has the permanent desire to reinforce APL’s expert position and to expand its businesses in its market: consultancy and services designed to ensure the continuity of service of companies IT hosting (owner-managed data centers or outsourced).
Robert Bouchard has also been Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Econocom since 2015 and o-founder in 2019 of Bloom Innovation, a Salesforce integration company.

christophe weiss apl datacenter

Christophe Weiss, Managing Director
Christophe Weiss graduated from Arts & Métiers (ENSAM) as an Engineer and has an HEC Executive MBA. He joined APL in 1986. He has held in succession the positions of project-manager engineer, then of technical director, and finally, since 2006, of managing director.
Christophe Weiss’s background is in industrial engineering, and he has specialized in continuity of service, robustness of technical infrastructures and energy optimization of data centers. His knowledge of the market and the entire life-cycle of data centers, combined with a continual technological watch, makes him one of the most highly regarded and consulted experts in France. Christophe Weiss gives many lectures on the state of the art and data center developments.

tristan richard apl datacenter

Tristan Richard, Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer since 2017, Tristan Richard joined APL in 2003 where he successively held the positions of business engineer, project manager and then director of the Paris branch. With a background in physical and electronic security for sensitive buildings, and solid field experience in the design, rationalization, implementation and operation of data centers, he provides IT departments and decision-makers with his in-depth knowledge of the state of the art and developments in data centers.

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