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Reduction of electrical consumption and PUE optimization of your data center

Do you wish to reduce the energy consumption and environmental impacts of your data center?
APL has developed an offer, methodology and tools to enable you to reduce the energy consumption of your data centers by up to 40%

We help you to continuously measure and optimize the energy performance of your data center:

  • Mapping, measurement and analysis of the energy consumption of your IT rooms
  • Analysis of your data center environment: temperature, humidity, pollution, etc.
  • Dynamic simulation of air flow (CFD)
  • Planning of IT rooms to optimize the operation of air conditioning units and cooling systems
  • Feasible cooling and heat recovery solution studies
  • Costing of solutions and ROI calculation
  • Implementation of energy performance indicators, in particular PUE

Data center energy performance indicators

  • PUE, or Power Usage Effectiveness: originally developed by The Green Grid consortium, this is the benchmark indicator for measuring the energy efficiency of a data center. Since 2016, PUE has been the international standard (ISO IEC 30134-2).
  • REF, or Renewable Energy Factor: quantification of the proportion of renewable energy consumed by a data center. Since 2016, REF has been the international standard (ISO/IEC 30134-3).
  • CUE, or Carbon Usage Effectiveness; measurement of greenhouse gases generated by a data center.
  • WUE, or Water Usage Effectiveness: measurement of the quantity of water consumed by data centers.

APL participates actively in the development of the European Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers, a code of conduct launched on the initiative of the European Commission to support best practice in the field of data center energy efficiency.

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