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Eco-design of digital services

Since 2010, our Sustainable IT department, Neutreo by APL, has been assisting digital players in their environmental strategy.
Its helps them to integrate eco-design principles, in accordance with the current norms and standards, at all stages of their digital services life cycle.

Eco-design: our methodology, the foundation of our expertise

From the extraction of raw materials to the management of their end-of-life, digital services and related IT equipment have multiple environmental impacts: greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy consumption, waste production, depletion of natural resources.

Our Green IT department helps companies develop strategies for the sustainable design of their digital services. It has developed a proven methodology for:

  • Assessing the environmental impacts of digital services at all stages of their life cycle
  • Identifying effective eco-design best practices
  • Comparing different solutions on a global basis (life cycle approach)
  • Training teams and partners in digital services eco-design
  • Obtaining external recognition: AFAQ eco-design and ISO 14001 certifications, environmental declarations, PEP ecopassport, etc.)
  • Conducting critical reviews of the environmental declarations of digital products and services

Eco-design: a global and end-to-end approach

Our approach to eco-design and analysis of the environmental impacts of digital services is systemic. It integrates the entire value chain and the players involved in delivering these services:

  • Equipment required to operate them: hardware devices (computer, servers, IoT..), telecommunications network, data centers, cloud services…
  • Software layers: business and mobile applications, websites, operating systems

A driving force for corporate social performance, innovation and competitiveness

Eco-design makes it possible to communicate your CSR approach objectively and consolidate relationships with stakeholders (suppliers, customers, users).

In addition to reducing environmental impacts, it also contributes to:

  • Increasing your competitiveness and winning new markets
  • Innovating and identifying new sustainable business models
  • Improving user experience
  • Optimizing processes and reducing costs

Neutreo by APL, an initiative dedicated to eco-design

A member of Alliance Green IT (AGIT), Neutreo by APL is involved in many projects aimed at reducing the ecological footprint of digital services:

  • Co-author of a white paper on digital services eco-design, supported by some fifteen cluster organizations, associations and federations at the European level.
  • Operational driver of the GreenConcept program, mandated by the Occitanie Chamber of Commerce and Industry: assisting 30 companies in the adoption of eco-design practices for the development of their digital services.
  • Member of the consortium that participated in the development of NegaOctet, a repository for assessing and reducing the environmental impact of digital services, supported by the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME).

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