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Data center construction, upgrading or renovation works

Do you have a new data center construction project? Does your current site require renovation or upgrading?
Our engineers assists you in the construction or renovation works of your data center, from the definition of specifications to the acceptance operations.

With hundreds of projects or developments in its portfolio, APL provides you with the benefit of its experience in completing a project in accordance with your budget and your lead times:

  • Establishment or analysis of the specifications
  • Assessment of risks and restrictions associated with operation, inter-lot interactions, other construction activities, administrative procedures, definition of detailed working procedures
  • General scheduling and construction stages, allotments, scopes and operating zones of each operative, etc.
  • Identification and selection of companies: technical and financial analysis of responses, defense and negotiation, contractualization support
  • Scheduling of operations, management and inter-company coordination, on-site inspection of the correct technical execution of works
  • Acceptance operations testing and assistance

Thanks to our experience in works on sites in operation, our operations are undertaken without interrupting your IT production and without disrupting other activities hosted in the same buildings as your data center.

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