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Improving data center continuity of service

Digitization of an increasing number of your processes requires greater and greater availability of the rooms hosting your IS.
Whether your IT production is in-house or outsourced, we assist you in the continual improvement of the service continuity of your IT rooms.

APL helps you to design, optimize and operate your data center in order to ensure its availability:

  • Selection of the best hosting strategy with regard to the required service levels
  • Efficiency audit of your IT rooms for the risk assessment of interrupted operation and loss of redundancy
  • Recommendations for prioritized and budgeted improvements
  • Renovation and updating of your data center
  • Development toward a higher Tier, with installation of redundant systems and equipment
  • Industrialization and management of operations and maintenance operations
  • Auditing and monitoring of your service providers: colocated host, maintenance
  • Training of IT room operatives in best practice for the reduction of risk of interruption

Intervention methods

Auditing & Consulting Project Management Assistance Project Management Turnkey Training

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