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Design of upgradable data centers, with guaranteed service continuity

Your customized data center, matching your requirements in terms of capacity and availability.
With hundreds of missions since 1983, our expert engineers have recognized expertise in the design of data centers of all sizes and of variable levels of criticality. They undertake a continuous technological watch in order to assess, select and suggest the market innovations most appropriate for your requirements.

We support you from the initial phase of examination, and at each stage of the design of your project:

  • Analysis of the existing system and of your requirements: intended use of the site, layout, capacity, security, expected service levels and energy efficiency, upgradability, etc.
  • Technical feasibility, integration and environmental analyses
  • Design and installation analyses (new building) or designs with diagnosis (existing building)
  • Comparisons of best conceivable technical solutions
  • Preliminary proposals
  • 3D and collaborative digital model: detailed design of your data center

When designing your data center APL makes full use of building information modeling (Building Information Modeling: BIM).

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