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Sustainable IT and Green Computing

Your goal is to measure and reduce the ecological footprint of your digital products and services at all stages of their life cycle?
With a panel of experts, we assist stakeholders involved in the design and management of IT services (IT manager, datacenter manager, cloud and telecom operators, software publisher …) in the definition and implementation of their CSR and environmental strategy.

Neutreo by APL, our business unit dedicated to environmental management, benefits from a recognized know-how to reduce the ecological footprint of digital players. Our expert engineers operate in the following areas:

  • Environmental audit and eco-design: assessing environmental impacts (greenhouse gases, energy consumption, water consumption, resources depletion) using standardized methodologies (carbon assessment, life-cycle analysis, etc.)
  • Green IT strategy: identification of priority actions to decrease the environmental footprint, eco-design tracks and best practices, construction of a multi-stakeholder improvement program
  • Certification support: initial implementation, follow up of your management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001)
  • Training: generic or dedicated training for all data center professionnals, on topics such as digital services eco-design best practices, server room operating best practices, etc.
  • Internal and external communication on your sustainable IT strategy: non-financial performance and CSR reports, showcasing the results of your green IT strategy, environmental issue awareness-raising workshops, chairing conferences, etc.


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