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Assistance with operation and maintenance of IT rooms

APL helps you industrialize the operation of your IT rooms.
Using our expertise relating to the entire data center life-cycle, we provide a proactive, preventive strategy to guarantee continuity of service and energy efficiency of your server rooms, whilst prolonging the lifetime of your technicals and IT equipments.

Our engineers help you to reduce risks of interruption and the overall operating cost of your data centers:

  • Auditing your installations and operation and maintenance procedures
  • Implementing the tools and best operating practices, and best practices to improve data center robustness
  • Producing capacity statements to manage IT upgrades
  • Auditing the contracts signed with the various maintenance service-providers, to test and coordinate their actions
  • Supervising your operating processes and establishing steering indicators (KPI/SLA)
  • Upgrading your installations: action plan, roadmap, sequencing and budgeting
  • Coordinating and guiding maintenance operations, call-outs and replacement of equipment
  • Training your agents in the most recent operating practices

Intervention methods

Auditing & Consulting Project Management Assistance Project Management Training

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