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Design, build and construction of your data centers and IT suites

Do you wish to optimize, expand or increase the efficiency of your IT floor space? Are you intending to construct a new data center?
APL supports you through each stage of your project.

We provide you with a state-of-the-art design, taking into account the most recent innovations and in accordance with your long-term objectives:

  • Upgrading, renovation and updating of your data center
  • Design of new rooms or reconversion of existing premises in order to increase your usable area
  • Optimization of your existing floor space, to create additional m2 of usable area
  • Improved continuity of service and security (e.g. change to Tier level)
  • Replacement of old equipment or integration of new equipment (sourced from a new subsidiary or activity)
  • Reduction in maintenance and operational costs
  • Improved energy efficiency (lower PUE figure)

Digital collaborative model of the data center

When designing your data center, we make full use of building information modeling (BIM) collaborative working methods and tools. This enables you to visualize and collaborate with our teams on the basis of a 3D digital model that simulates all of the elements (floor space, location of equipment, cooling systems, simulated air flow, etc.) and becomes augmented following each discussion.

Intervention methods

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