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Assistance with operation and multi-technical maintenance

A proactive and preventive approach to ensure the continuity of service of your data center.
The quality of operations and maintenance has a direct effect on the availability, sustainability and energy efficiency of your data center.

Our expert engineers assist you in:

  • Analyzing and optimizing your operating procedures
  • Mitigating risks of malfunction or service outage
  • Ongoing management of maintenance operations, call-outs or replacement of equipment
  • Prolonging the service life of your equipment
  • Reducing the global operating cost of your IT rooms
  • Implementing and monitoring operating key performance indicators: level of availability, capacity, temperatures, electrical consumption

Three ways in which APL can support you

  • Operational support: to assist your in-house teams in optimizing your installations, procedures and contracts
  • Multi-technical maintenance by APL: a single point of contact to guarantee 24-hour continuity of service of your IT rooms
  • Management of your multi-technical service providers: coordination and monitoring of operations for all lots (electrical, UPS, air conditioning, fire safety, security)

We also offer training to assist you in optimizing the operation of your IT rooms.

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