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Published on 29 June 2022 In this section Expert in data centers

Annual results: APL achieves revenues of €47 million, up 19% compared to 2020

In 2021, APL Data Center achieved a solid financial performance with revenues of 47 million euros, up 19% compared to 2020 and above the projected growth outlook. The group aims to continue its development internationally and to strengthen its activity in the construction of turnkey data centers.

2021 keys figures

  • 19% growth, increasing the group’s revenue to €47 million;
  • Added value of €14.1 million, up 33%;
  •  AKF, a subsidiary acquired by the group in 2020, has doubled its revenue to €9.4 million, compared with €4.4 million the previous year;
  • Revenue generated by the Swiss subsidiary, created in 2020, stood at €5.3 million, up 350%.

APL has demonstrated its ability to maintain its position as the leader in data center infrastructure, achieving double-digit growth and sustained commercial momentum. APL Data Center now obtains 34% of its revenue from public procurement, compared with 26% in 2020. Its revenue growth (€22.5 million vs €17.5 million in 2020) has been driven by new impetus in its historic turnkey business and its ability to provide its clients with essential infrastructure.

“These good results can be explained by the effort we are dedicating to strengthening our capacities in turnkey solutions, our partnerships and our responsible digital activities. Our growth was also driven by developments in our subsidiaries. We are also proud to be able to draw on the skills of our new local teams to meet the needs of our international clients. This proximity is a guarantee of success,” says Robert Bouchard, President of APL Data Center.

Success driven by APL Data Center’s specific expertise: responsible digital technology

APL’s growth is due in particular to its expertise in responsible digital technology, its ability to support its clients with the environmental aspects of their projects (eco-design, certifications and control of the environmental impact of data centers) and to provide digital infrastructure in symbiosis with their environment.

A positioning that echoes the company’s “Organic Design” mission, which is increasingly attractive to companies looking to reduce the environmental impact of digital technology.

NextGen 2024 plan: industrializing the APL model

To sustain sufficient momentum to support the development of its activities, APL has drawn up its new strategic plan, called NextGen 2024. Through its various highly strategic projects, APL intends to pursue its efforts focused around hyperscalers and the international market. The group thus aims to position itself as the market leader.

“We are going through a pivotal period due to growing interest among hyperscalers in the responsible development of digital infrastructures. Our ability to deliver turnkey projects is also strategic and we will attach particular importance to it,” concludes Christophe Weiss, CEO of APL Data Center.

To achieve its objectives, APL relies on an increasingly robust operational capability. APL has already welcomed 20 new employees in 2022 and the company is set to expand its workforce to more than 150 employees by the end of 2022.

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