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Published on 22 March 2024 In this section Expert in data centers

APL Data Center announces changes to its governance to improve customer performance

Consultancy and engineering firm APL Data Center specializes in the design and construction of data centers. Today, it announced its new governance structure in response to sustained growth and market trends. This reorganization aims in particular to improve the performance delivered to APL customers, thereby strengthening its position as industry leader.

Tristan Richard is appointed CEO of APL Data Center

Tristan Richard, currently Deputy CEO of APL Data Center, will become the Chief Executive Officer of APL Data Center with effect from July 1, 2024. He will be responsible for managing the company and achieving the strategic objectives defined by APL, as well as rolling out the Group’s next strategic plan. Tristan Richard joined APL in January 2003 and has played an active role in the company’s growth from the outset.

“I would like to thank Robert Bouchard, Chairman of APL, for his confidence in me and I am honored to take over as CEO of APL Data Center to implement our 2025-2027 strategic plan. The demands placed on digital infrastructures, particularly by the rise of AI, have never been greater and I am well aware of the responsibility entrusted to me. I am determined to continue on the path of growth successfully navigated by our current CEO Christophe Weiss, for our customers,” says Tristan Richard.

The creation of a supervisory committee to oversee APL’s strategic orientations

To ensure continued growth and continuity in the Group’s strategic decision-making, Robert Bouchard, Chairman of APL Data Center, has announced the creation of a Supervisory Board co-chaired by Christophe Weiss, the current CEO of APL. Acting in a consultative role, the committee will meet regularly to share its recommendations on company operations, the definition and implementation of its strategy, the development of innovations, representation on key professional bodies, and major decisions. It benefits from the experience and connections of its members to ensure the healthy, sustained, and structured development of APL.

Creation of a new internal organization around key expertise and activities

As part of its NextGen2024 strategic plan, APL Data Center has set up a new internal matrix organization in addition to its business units, to secure a position to address projects requiring significant multidisciplinary resources:

  • Brice Legay has been appointed Director of Data Center Engineering Operations, in charge of the turnkey data center business line;
  • Frédéric Perrigault has been appointed Director of Consulting Operations and Existing Sites, in charge of the Consulting business line;
  • Jérôme Batou-To Van has been appointed Director of the “Hyperscalers” business line.

Their mission will be to accelerate APL’s development in its strategic segments, while remaining true to its corporate mission, Organic Design, which aims to design data centers in symbiosis with their environment.

APL has been a responsible company since its creation and strives on a daily basis to control and reduce the environmental impact of digital activities.

“The implementation of this new governance marks a significant milestone for APL: a scaling-up that is essential if we are to continue improving our customer performance. I would like to express my immense gratitude to Christophe Weiss for his unfailing commitment to APL’s development. He will continue to play a key role as co-chairman of the Supervisory Board. I also have absolute confidence in Tristan Richard, who I am convinced will successfully lead our Organic Design mission and rise to the challenges of APL,” concludes Robert Bouchard, Chairman of APL Data Center.

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