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Published on 04 June 2024 In this section Expert in data centers

Financial results: APL Data Center announces consolidated revenue up 38% to €50.9 million

Montrouge, June 4, 2024 – APL Data Center, a consulting and engineering company specializing in the design and construction of data centers, today announces a sharp increase in earnings for the 2023 financial year. The Group, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, achieved growth in line with the objectives enshrined in its NextGen 2024 strategic plan. APL Data Center reaffirms its international ambitions and determination to consolidate its resources in preparation for the boom in digital services in the coming years.

Key figures and information:

  • FY 2023 consolidated revenue of €50.9 million (including €2.3 million from international business), up 38% versus 2022;
  • Book net income of €3.1 million, up 36% versus 2022;
  • Net operating income (EBIT) of €3.46 million, up 41% versus 2022;
  • R&D expenditure equal to 9.5% of gross profit, up one percentage point.

Proliferation of major projects in France and abroad

APL Data Center’s 2023 growth was driven by the successful implementation of the main projects comprising its NextGen2024 strategic plan, marked by:

  • a significant increase in the size of projects handled underpinned by consummate risk management, primarily achieved by strengthening production resources and support functions;
  • an international presence strengthened through the signing of major contracts with leading players in Italy, Djibouti and Morocco;
  • strategic expertise with hyperscalers, with an upswing in the number of projects consolidating APL’s leadership in this segment.

“In 2023, we strengthened our expertise in project studies and management, which allowed us to carry out larger international projects. This strategy has borne fruit, in particular among hyperscalers and GAFAM, giving extra impetus to our already strong growth.” Tristan Richard, Deputy CEO, APL Data Center.

Strategic consolidation of APL resources to support market expansion

APL Data Center expects to see sustained growth in digital services in 2024. The Company is preparing for an increase in foreign investment in digital infrastructures and for the development of AI-powered technologies, which are driving demand for data center power and storage capacity.

The Group is pursuing its capital expenditure strategy in order to keep up with this trend.

  • APL Data Center now has nearly 200 employees and plans to hire a further 60 in 2024.
  • The Group continues to acquire the technical and financial means to successfully carry out large-scale turnkey engineering projects in France and abroad.
  • Lastly, APL Data Center continues to invest in the development of its R&D laboratory, Lab by APL, in order to contribute to the necessary innovations and play an active role in advancing the state of the art in its industry.

Responsibility, a core value for APL Data Center

As a responsible corporate citizen, the Group is making a sustained effort to implement a bold CSR policy in line with the challenges faced by its customers and partners while prioritizing the professional development of its employees.

In keeping with its “Organic Design” manifesto, APL is pursuing its commitment to responsible digital technology by designing, building and operating secure and efficient data centers that blend seamlessly into their environment.

“For 40 years now, we have been actively committed to reducing the environmental impact of the digital industry and promoting the harmonious development of digital services across the regions. This commitment gives a deep meaning to our activities and addresses a very real issue shared by all the organizations we support.” Christophe Weiss, CEO, APL Data Center.

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