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Published on 07 July 2021 In this section Expert in data centers

APL Data Center celebrates the first anniversary of its subsidiary in Switzerland

APL, a consulting and engineering firm specializing in data center design and construction, is celebrating the first anniversary of its Swiss subsidiary located in Lausanne. In one year of business in Switzerland, the firm reached a turnover of nearly 5 million Swiss francs and has more than a dozen projects underway.

Public and private clients

In just one year, the firm’s Swiss subsidiary has established itself as a partner of choice for local players. With a turnover of 5 million Swiss francs since its opening, APL Data Center Switzerland supports institutional clients such as the city of Lausanne and private clients such as SafeHost, major telecom operators and industrial clients.

A fast-growing activity and a mission, Organic Design

With an order book of more than 4 million Swiss francs for the year 2021 and more than fifteen projects in progress, the subsidiary accelerated its development during the year by hiring new employees in Lausanne. This strong growth is fueled by APL’s mission, Organic Design, whose goal is to speed up innovation and the development of responsible digital infrastructures in Switzerland.

An expertise unique in Switzerland

APL Data Center is dedicated to the region’s data centers, offering global project management combined with 360-degree expertise in data centers and a tailor-made offering adapted to the needs of its customers:

  • Auditing, consulting, and project management assistance: hosting strategies and overall assistance with project implementation,
  • The design of data centers that can be scaled to very high levels of service continuity, security and environmental performance (IT rooms from 10 to 10,000 m²),
  • Data center construction and upgrading: multi-technical expertise and coordination, engineering and project management,
  • Maintaining centers in operational condition and incorporating best practices for operations,
  • Implementing a responsible digital approach and environmental impact assessment.

“Our unique position as a major pure player in the data center allows us to best meet the needs of our customers. We are proud to work closely with Swiss public and private players and to contribute to the development of the local economic fabric,” said Sébastien Ollier, director of APL Data Center Switzerland. 

“Today, we confirm our ambition for international development with the first anniversary of APL Data Center’s Swiss subsidiary, which already has many customers and great projects to its credit. Our Organic Design mission reinforces our ambition to design data centers in symbiosis with their environment to minimize their environmental impact,” said Christophe Weiss, Managing Director of APL Data Center.

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