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Published on 01 July 2020 In this section Expert in data centers

APL reports sales of 27 million euro, up by 114%

APL, the data-center expert, announces its results for the financial year ending December 31, 2019: sales have more than doubled, from 12.4 million euro in 2018 to nearly 27 million euro in 2019. The gross margin has grown by 49% to 10 million euro. The operating income amounts to 1.2 million euro, up 36%. In spite of the economic impact of the health crisis, APL remains optimistic for 2020 and will continue to expand in a buoyant market.

2019: accelerated growth

The year 2019 was marked by the completion of a number of turnkey data centers (such as Advanced MedioMatrix and DTIX ITcenter), a high demand for site extensions and new data-center construction for those in the colocation business (Digital Realty at Interxion’s Marseille sites, for instance), a continued demand for projects to expand and renovate sites in Switzerland and a surge in public-sector projects, related to the rationalization of IT infrastructures and data sovereignty.

2020: the market’s growing needs sustain activity

In 2020, the health crisis is likely to slow the pace of the economy. Nevertheless, because its activities are complementary, the consultancy and engineering firm, which specializes in data-center advice, design and construction, is planning for significant growth. This is in a market characterized, particularly in Paris, by hosting space with one of the highest occupancy rates in Europe (according to the Europe Data Centers report by the real-estate Group CBRE, which appeared in the first quarter of 2020).

To support its development, APL has launched a recruitment campaign for around thirty staff: 19 appointments have already made since January 1 2020 and ten or so vacancies remain, in Paris and Lyon. Among the profiles sought are senior consultants, project managers (high/low power, HVAC and all trades), building engineers and design engineers, particularly those with skills in energy efficiency.

“We are keeping to the course defined in our “Organic Design” mission, which is to design and build data centers that are in symbiosis with their environment, or in other words, data centers that are safer, perform better, and are scalable and sustainable, because they are designed from the outset with the imperatives of service continuity and energy performance. Our expertise in sustainable building design and in reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology is attracting an increasingly large number of businesses. This is evident in the wider scope of our work, which addresses the challenges of the circular economy. I am particularly proud of both the results and the enhancement in our teams’ skills in 2019”, said Christophe Weiss, Managing Director of APL.

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