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Published on 30 November 2023 In this section Digital sustainability

First edition of the report on green digital providers

APL Data Center appears in the first edition of the report green digital providers published by AdVaes, an independent market intelligence and operational strategy consulting firm that is an expert on ESG strategies for a more responsible and sustainable digital sector of the economy.

The AdVaes report aims to assess the maturity of digital providers with regard to reducing their environmental impacts, to track the change in companies’ environmental indicators over time, and to evaluate their progress from year to year.

A few key figures from this first report

Out of a group of 100 digital service providers (software publishers, digital services companies, providers of cloud solutions, makers of IT hardware, etc.) included in the report:

  • 78% said that they had a team or department in charge of CSR initiatives at their company.
  • 40% had set sustainability goals to be reached by 2030.
  • 71% had already carried out a carbon footprint assessment, with varying levels of detail.
  • 61% had measured the total energy consumption of their companies, and 54% were able to cite their share that came from low-carbon and/or renewable energy sources.
  • 59% knew the power usage effectiveness (PUE) of the data centers they use, whether they be owned by the companies themselves or in colocation, with values ranging from 1.07 to 3.
  • 22% were able to cite their water usage effectiveness (WUE). Values ranged from 0 to 1.65.
  • Less than two-thirds of the participating companies provided information on the lifespans of their IT equipment used in-house (computers, servers, cell phones, etc.).

APL is among the pioneers in this report

This report presents 10 pioneers, profiling their commitments and initiatives for a more environmentally responsible and sustainable digital sector. These companies also agreed to allow AdVaes to measure their performance according to a set of criteria. APL is one of these companies. Below is a summary of the results we’ve achieved:


The data used to prepare this report were collected through a multi-phase research and analysis process according to a special methodology developed by AdVaes. The methodology included an online survey, conducted from July to September 2023. Additionally, AdVaes harnessed the power of the database developed by its intelligence and online strategy monitoring department. The database contains ESG indicators from digital providers and is the result of over two years of research and analysis.

Report on green digital providers

Discover the first edition of the barometer published by AdVaes

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