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Published on 20 June 2019 In this section Expert in data centers

In 2018, APL achieved sales of 12.4 million euros, up by 51%

APL, a specialist in data centers and IT hosting consulting services, reports 2018 revenue of €12.4 million, up by 51% compared to €8.2 million in 2017. This growth enables it to achieve the objectives of its strategic plan "Ambition 2021", adopted in 2017, a year ahead of schedule.

APL is continuing its profitable growth, with operating earnings of 6.8%. These results are the fruit of a positioning strategy enabling it to adress all the components of a data center, from the buildings to the IT infrastructures, in an environmentally responsible approach. For the financial year 2019, APL expects its turnover to exceed €23 million. To support this development, recruitment is continuing and the number of employees should reach 70 by the end of the year.

An increase in the size of data center construction projects

The company’s growth has been largely aided by the dynamism of the data center market in France and abroad. APL was chosen by Advanced Mediomatrix to design and build Moselle’s first colocation and IT hosting data center. In addition, a number of key players in colocation (Global Switch, Interxion, etc.) have awarded several projects to APL regarding the deployment of their new data centers.

APL’s general manager Christophe Weiss explained that: “Thanks to its expertise, APL is seen as a leading player when it comes to managing large-scale data center construction projects.  Working alongside the telecommunications companies, we have been involved in major IT infrastructure renovation and construction programs, a trend that was further amplified in 2018 in anticipation of the launch of 5G”.

The creation of two new activities

As part of the implementation of its strategic plan, 2018 was also marked by the creation of two new departments:

  • An “IT consultancy and engineering” activity launched to perform auditing, consultancy and engineering missions concerning its clients’ IT infrastructure.
  • A “digital sustainability” department, created following the acquisition in 2018 of Neutreo, an environmental engineering design company, to help all stakeholders in the digital sector with their efforts to assess and reduce their environmental impacts, with environmentally friendly design, ISO certification (14001, 50001, 27001) and with CSR communication.

“In all of our projects, we systematically propose an approach which combines the environmental aspect and best practices from sustainable building design. Indeed, we see our mission as being to design, build and operate data centers which protect, connect and process data flows while at the same time being “living and constantly changing entities”, seamlessly embracing their environment” added Christophe Weiss.

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