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APL helps La Poste Group optimize and streamline its IT hosting sites

Customer name :Groupe La Poste
Area of business :Services
Accompanying mode :Consulting, auditing and project management assistance
Type of service :Consulting and support for the management of IT hosting sites

Overview of the company

La Poste Group in numbers:

  • Revenue of over €35 billion in 2022, of which 56% came from France and 44% from the rest of the world.
  • Over 238,000 employees
  • 17,000 local offices in France
  • Five entities: the corporate and mail departments, shipping and delivery services for mail and packages, banking and insurance, mass-market and digital services, and Docaposte.

Client context

To support all its business lines and to be able to provide its services to its customers, La Poste Group relies on information systems hosted at 15 data centers, 13 of which are contracted from nine different hosting service providers using shared facilities. These data-center sites are almost all located in France and are mainly concentrated in the Paris region.

Given this volume of equipment and the criticality of the Group’s IT hosting, La Poste Group must:

  • Have flexible hosting solutions that can adapt to changes in IT systems, particularly to the development of hybrid systems.
  • Strengthen its resilience through secure, dedicated hosting solutions.
  • Develop an effective CSR approach.
  • Streamline its data centers across the entire Group.
  • Improve the operational and financial efficiency of its hosting sites.

Examples of projects completed

  • Assistance in establishing the Group’s hosting strategy.
  • Market analyses and assistance in selecting hosting providers.
  • Audit of shared hosting sites and technical facilities, examining service continuity, operating conditions, and physical security.
  • Verification of the tiering of the main data center for the corporate and mail division, and services to bring the data center up to Tier III compliance.
  • Analysis of incidents, work performed, and planned maintenance operations, as well as of the associated costs.
  • Recommendations and advice for improving the energy efficiency of sites.
  • Assistance with operations for acceptance, upgrades, and consolidating equipment.


  • Expertise across all technical aspects of data centers.
  • In-depth knowledge of the shared hosting facility market.
  • Regular assistance that adjusts according to hosting needs, events, and challenges.
  • Analysis, advice, and regular monitoring for upgrades to hosting sites and continuous-improvement processes.
  • Verification of the adequacy of hosting solutions in relation to contractual commitments and the requirements of La Poste Group.

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