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APICIL uses APL to prepare for the relocation of two computer rooms

Customer name :APICIL
Area of business :Insurance/Healthcare
Accompanying mode :Project management assistance
Type of service :Study for the relocation of two computer rooms

The APICIL Group has carried out various external growth operations in recent years. To streamline its IT infrastructure, the company entrusted APL with a study for the relocation of the computer rooms of the companies Gresham (Paris) and Miel Mutuelle (Saint Etienne) to its Lyon Vaise and Caluire sites.

Project objective

To have an overview of all the aspects to be considered in the relocation of two computer rooms, respectively 400 and 80 kilometres away from the Lyon Vaise and Caluire sites:

  • Relocation strategy
  • Technical infrastructure (electricity, air conditioning and security)
  • Networks and links with operators
  • Moving the computer rooms

Services provided

Upstream studies of the relocation of the rooms:

  • Inventory and audit of technical, IT and network infrastructure
  • Risk analysis and reduction plan, target layout, network architecture
  • Upstream preparation: operator links, technical installations, cabling, link migration
  • Relocation: backups, IT shutdowns, restart and tests
  • Budget estimate

Client benefits

  • Estimate of synergies and ROI from streamlining infrastructure in an external growth context
  • Overview of the aspects to be taken into account to prepare and secure the relocation of two computer rooms

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