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APL assists Casino with operating and upgrading its two strategic computer sites

Customer name :Groupe Casino
Area of business :Retail
Completion date :Since 2006
Accompanying mode :Project Management Assistance - Project Management
Type of service :Operation of two computer sites Improving the service life and reliability of old sites - Optimization of operating costs and energy consumption

Since 2006, Casino has relied on APL to provide state-of-the-art, cost-efficient operations services for its two computer sites, "R" and “NoSICA”. In 2015, CIT, the Group's IT subsidiary, reaffirmed its trust in APL by extending their business relationship for another three years.

Project objective

Assist Casino’s in-house personnel in charge of managing these two computer sites, which are both outdated and critical, with:

  • Implementing and documenting operational procedures based on the state of the art
  • Optimizing operating costs and energy consumption
  • Planning, coordinating and monitoring preventive and curative maintenance operations

Services provided

  • Organization of monthly steering committees
  • Definition and documentation of maintenance protocols
  • Management of contracts for multi-technical service providers and verification of the proper execution of their operations
  • Scheduling of priority maintenance operations and studies to be conducted in order to upgrade the two sites
  • Monitoring of energy consumption, temperatures and capacity demands
  • Re-organization of computer rooms
  • On-site presence and assistance for service providers during sensitive performance and security tests
  • Centralization and 24/7 processing of alerts

Client benefits

  • Increased service life of old sites and improved durability of hardware
  • Upgrades and operational procedures tailored to each location’s specific features and requirements, which APL engineers have been experts in since 2006
  • Optimization of operating costs and energy consumption
  • Management, coordination and monitoring of the quality of maintenance operations performed by multi-technical service providers (curative and preventive)
  • Regulatory control assistance

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