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APL assists the Sigma Group with launching and maintaining a commercial data center

Customer name :Sigma
Area of business :Software publishing, digital solutions integration, and facilities management
Accompanying mode :Project Management Assistance
Type of service :Initialization and implementation of operations - Maintenance assistance following activation of the site

APL built a turn-key data center for Sigma, dedicated to its high-availability commercial hosting services. The site conforms to standards for low-impact construction (with a free-cooling system). Sigma also enlisted APL to implement good operational practices, in order to reach the expected levels of availability and energy efficiency (TIER-III service continuity and a PUE of 1.3).

Project objective

  • Initialize the operation and multi-technical maintenance of the site
  • Schedule preventive maintenance visits and operations
  • Evaluate maintenance operations: operating procedures, quality, conformity

Services provided

  • Definition of maintenance protocols and procedures
  • Validation of the risk prevention plan developed by Sigma
  • Assistance with soliciting and selecting maintenance companies
  • Planning and coordination of site visits and operations performed by maintenance companies
  • Auditing of maintenance services (quality, conformity)
  • Annual operating report

Client benefits

  • Support provided to Sigma personnel to familiarize them with the new data center and its operation
  • Expertise needed to manage complex service equipment and changes to the data center
  • Industrialization of procedures for operation and maintenance
  • Requirements needed to achieve uninterrupted continuity of service (TIER III) and low energy consumption (PUE: 1.3)

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