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APL has designed and developed a colocation data center for Jaguar Network

Customer name :Jaguar Network
Area of business :Telecom operator and IT hosting
Accompanying mode :Project management
Type of service :Design and development of the Rock data center featuring high availability hosting

As part of its growth, Jaguar Network decided to build a data center in Lyon, called Rock, featuring high availability hosting. The site will ultimately house 800 bays across eight IT rooms. The telecom operator and IT hosting company hired APL to design and develop—initially—four state-of-the-art IT rooms and technical spaces, for a data center that combines service continuity and energy performance.

Mission objectives

  • To design a scalable data center that meets the specific needs of colocatio
  • To achieve an ambitious objective for service continuity and energy performance
  • To develop four IT rooms covering 1,220 m2, with each room ultimately capable of housing about 100 bays
  • To lead the design and completion of the work, from the design phase to the acceptance stage

Services provided

  • Project design
  • Completion schedule and budget assessment
  • Development of the tender package
  • Assistance with the awarding of work contracts
  • Management of the execution of work contracts, scheduling, and work site supervision
  • Assistance with the acceptance stage

Client benefits

  • Technical facilities with a high level of service continuity (Tier III equivalent)
  • Development and planning of the rooms and implementation of technical infrastructures aimed at the densification of colocation spaces
  • State-of-the-art design to achieve a high level of energy performance (target PUE: 1.35)
  • Leading physical security for the site, compatible with the requirements of ISO 27001, HDS, and PCI-DSS
  • Layout supporting simple and effective operations, meeting the specific needs of a colocation data center

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