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APL helps Euclyde expand its Lyon data center and improve its reliability

Customer name :Euclyde Data Centers
Area of business :IT hosting
Accompanying mode :Turnkey
Type of service :Design of a Tier III data center accommodating 1,000 m2 of IT rooms

Euclyde Data Centers a fait l’acquisition d’un site à Villeurbanne afin d’en faire son DC5. Le bâtiment comprend à l’origine une salle IT de 300 m², en exploitation, et des bureaux.
Euclyde Data Centers has acquired a site in Villeurbanne for its DC5. The building originally housed a 300 m2 IT room, in operation, and offices. The hosting company hired APL to design a new 200 m2 room with the infrastructure ultimately needed to support 1,000 m2 of IT rooms.

Mission objectives

To design and develop a new 200 m2 IT room around the following needs:

  • State-of-the-art features: service continuity, energy performance, and security
  • Existing technical constraints: room in operation, building, standards, and regulations
  • Future business growth: The site will ultimately contain 1,000 m2 of IT rooms

Services provided

  • EXE studies and data center design
  • Completion schedule for general contracting work
  • Completion of development work with daily monitoring and risk management
  • Commissioning and handling of work acceptance

Client benefits

  • Design based on existing technical infrastructure
  • Technical infrastructure capable of supporting 500 m2 of additional IT rooms at a later stage
  • Wide-ranging assistance, from the design phase up to the data center’s acceptance phase
  • Work completed without service disruption
  • Optimized energy performance for the data center

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