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APL is project-managing the construction of a Tier 3 data center, which can be upgraded to a Tier 4 center, in Togo

Customer name :Togolese Republic
Area of business :Public sector
Accompanying mode :Consulting, Project management
Type of service :Construction of a Tier III data center, scalable to Tier IV, in Togo

The Togolese Ministry of Postal Services, Digital Economy and Technological Innovation has entrusted APL with the project management of the construction of a colocation data hosting center with very high levels of continuity of service and security, and partly powered by solar energy.

Mission objectives

Within the framework of the West Africa Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (WARCIP), the Togolese Republic relies on APL to:

  • Build a new data center to be able to provide high quality hosting services to Togolese private and public stakeholders
  • Implement an Internet eXchange Point (IXP) to enable operators to exchange data with each other and reduce the costs of local telecommunications
  • Facilitate accessibility to international bandwidth at a competitive price

Services provided

  • Updating of the initial design file
  • Assistance in the choice of the general contractor
  • Project management of works execution: construction works management, steering and coordination of the construction works, commissioning
  • Assistance to enhance the value of the site: support in securing certification, environmental protection, assistance for the transfer of customer equipment
  • Support with the establishment of operations teams: staff training, quality monitoring KPI and tools

Client benefits

  • Construction of a scalable Tier 3 data center, upgradeable to Tier 4, with support for certification by the Uptime Institute
  • Global support: data center, telecom infrastructures and operational/maintenance support
  • Hosting centre whose surface and power are scalable (500 m² of server rooms)
  • Hosting center power supply, by means of solar energy in part
  • Control of the overall project costs

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