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Casino entrusts APL with the upgrade of a 1000 m² active data center

Customer name :Groupe Casino
Area of business :Retail
Accompanying mode :Project Management
Type of service :Data center renovations and upgrades

The Casino Group's IT production is hosted at two sites: “R” and “NoSICA”. In 2012, Casino commissioned APL to evaluate the feasibility of extending site R's service life a further 5 years. The data center had been in use for 20 years, and some of its hardware was becoming obsolete.
Upon completion of the study, APL's budgetary evaluations and recommendations were approved by Casino, which chose APL to manage the upgrades.

Project objective

  • Extend site R’s service life a further 5 years
  • Upgrade, replace, or add critical hardware and equipment to make them usable and easy to maintain
  • Execute the upgrades in an active data center, without impacting continuity of service

Services provided

APL, which has supervised the operation of site R since 2009, managed the upgrades to the site:

  • Project analyses and tender package
  • Assistance with selecting companies and forming contractual arrangements with them
  • Monitoring of technical execution, all trades covered
  • Assistance with the acceptance stage

Client benefits

  • Work performed in 5 months, without interrupting 24/7 IT production
  • Schedules tailored to the operators’ needs (critical days and hours)
  • Service levels restored by refurbishing existing equipment and adding new hardware
  • Simple, cost-efficient maintenance may once again be performed on the site
  • On budget and on time

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