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A word from Christophe Weiss, APL Managing Director

By the year 2030, the world will have over 50 billion digital devices. Behind each and every one of these devices that we all use on a daily basis are the data centers. Experts estimate the data center market will double in size every three years.

At APL, we are motivated by and committed to this growth industry.

Today, the impact of the development of the digital economy can no longer be overlooked. As data centers are one of the key links of this economy, we must also consider the manner in which we carry out our business activities.

In this context, APL is tasked with a mission: Organic Design of data centers in harmony with their environment.

This means designing data centers that are secure, efficient and adapted to their environment. This harmony is also societal, as we place a great importance on the harmonious integration of data centers into the territory.












At APL, we shoulder a dual responsibility on a daily basis:

  • The first is to our customers and partners: for every project that we undertake; whether in a consultative, design and production or operational capacity, we commit to fulfill our sustainable digital responsibility and performance promise.
  • The second is to our employees, in order to provide them with daily support in their development and career paths.

Together, we are building not only your data centers, but also the most responsible digital world for tomorrow.

Christophe Weiss
APL Managing Director

Our mission: Organic Design

Creating data centers that have a symbiotic relationship with their environment.

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