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Fiducial looks to APL to design its new data center in Lyon, France

Customer name :Fiducial
Area of business :A multi-disciplinary service company that caters to small and medium-sized companies, craftsmen, traders, self-employed professionals, and farmers
Accompanying mode :Auditing & Consulting - Project management assistance
Type of service :Design and construction of a data center

In order to meet the growth in demand for its business, the Fiducial Group decided in 2010 to expand its operational headquarters in the Vaise district of Lyon. While construction of the building was already well underway, the company decided to set up a new data center in this new complex. The facility is set to become the Group's main center for IT production and data backups.
Fiducial commissioned APL to determine its needs, analyze technical requirements, and study the feasibility of the project. The company also chose APL to assist with the construction and acceptance phases.

Project objective

  • Set up a data center in a building under construction, which only needed to house offices initially
  • Determine capacity, security, and service continuity requirements for the new computer room
  • Design a reliable and scalable data center that can absorb the company’s medium- and long-term IT demands
  • Establish redundancy between the new center and the old one
  • Receive assistance through all design and construction phases

Services provided

  • Assistance with anticipating growth in IT demands
  • A new design and a complete reorganization of the computer room
  • Establishment of the data center in a building under construction
  • Complex redistribution of the fiber optic network between the new and the old site (both separated by a roadway), as well as between both sites and the service rooms, which serve 7 buildings

Client benefits

  • Comprehensive assistance, from the needs analysis phase to the acceptance phase
  • Facilities that can accommodate IT production: redundant hardware to ensure continuity of service (Tier III), a scalable data center that can absorb medium- and long-term IT demands
  • An energy-efficient site (target PUE: 1.6), particularly thanks to the overhead cabling, which avoids obstructing the supply of cool air under the raised floor

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