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Segula Technologies relies on APL to upgrade and restructure its IT room

Customer name :Segula Technologies
Area of business :Mechanical and industrial engineering
Accompanying mode :Turnkey
Type of service :Upgrading, relocation and restructuration of a 50 m² computer room

Segula Technologies wanted to upgrade its 50 m² computer room to improve its service continuity, operations and energy performance. The company relied on APL to electrically secure IT equipment, restructure and relocate the racks according to the state of the art.

Mission objectives

  • Upgrade the computer room
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Secure the power supply of IT equipment
  • Restructure the room in accordance with best practices
  • Prepare operations prior to the relocation of the IS
  • Upgrade, restructure and relocate the room within 4 weeks

Services provided

  • Relocation macro-planning integrating cross-functional projects (implementation of new applications, technology replacement, etc.)
  • Raised floor restoration: verification of the jacks, replacement of slabs, micro-dusting
  • Restructuring of the room (creation of cold aisles, containment, etc.)
  • Redundant power distribution (2N)
  • High voltage/low voltage wiring separation (raised floor versus overhead cable tray)
  • Replacement of all low-voltage wiring (transition to the latest technologies) and re-labeling
  • Creation of an IS and wiring reference system and database

Client benefits

  • Adherence to deadlines (3 weeks of preparation, 2 days of rack relocation)
  • Minimized application downtime
  • Secured power supply of IT equipment
  • Complete visibility of IT hardware and wiring

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