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The Sigma Group chooses APL to build its green data center

Customer name :Sigma
Area of business :Software publishing, digital solutions integration, and facilities management
Accompanying mode :Turnkey project
Type of service :Design and construction of a data center with high levels of service continuity and energy efficiency

In order to support the growth of its facility management services, the Sigma Group is seeking to increase its hosting capacity by building a new data center with more than 2000 m² of space, including 700 m² reserved for computer rooms. Sigma turned to APL to design and build this new data center, which will meet stringent standards for continuity of service, scalability, and eco-efficiency.

Project objective

  • Build a data center that conforms to standards for commercial hosting services: continuity of service (TIER III), scalability, and flexibility, in order to absorb the site’s load spikes
  • Keep up with scalable hosting demands over 12 years
  • Control the budget and obtain a ROI within the shortest timeframe possible
  • Limit the environmental impact of the data center (target PUE: 1.3)

Services provided

  • Detailed expression of needs
  • Selection and comparison of technical architectures and potential solutions
  • Training workshops on state-of-the-art designs for data centers
  • Internal and external technical design of the building
  • Management of the design and construction of a modular data center equipped with a direct free cooling system

Client benefits

  • Assistance with formalizing requirements
  • Simplified decision-making thanks to technical, economic, and environmental comparisons of potential solutions
  • Modular and scalable data center design, allowing for low-, medium-, and high-density areas to inhabit the same room, as well as step-by-step data fill. Space and power may be allocated to colocation or shared hosting as needed
  • An eco-designed data center that continually seeks to limit its environmental impact (in accordance with ISO 14001) and reduce its energy consumption (in accordance with ISO 50001). Compliance with the office portion of the RT 2012 standard
  • Compliance with the initial investment budget and deadlines

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